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Jurgan Pin Ball® and Jurgan Fixator Ball® Instructions

Jurgan Pin Balls® protectively cap the protruding ends of various sized smooth or threaded Kirschner wires. They will guard against the painful snagging of clothing and bed covers - common with wire end bent at a right angle. They will largely prevent the unplanned inward migration and disappearance of wire ends - occasionally complicating taping and corking methods.
Jurgan Pin Balls® are sold non-sterile and should be steam sterilised. Certified sterilisation processes include:
method cycle temperature time (min)
Steam Gravity 250°F (121°C) 30
Steam Gravity 270°F (132°C) 15
Steam Pre Vacuum 270°F (132°C) 10
Steam Pre Vacuum 272°F (133.2°C) 4
Attention: O.R. Circulator please be sure that the following steps are done in numerical order
1. Choose Pin Ball size corresponding to K wire size.
2. To remove Pin Ball from supply wire, loosen the set screw one-half turn.
3. Slide Pin Ball onto protruding end of wire - ball just touching skin.
4. Cut wire off as flush as possible with the end of Pin Ball.
5. Back Pin Ball off wire very slightly, so that cut end of protruding wire is now truly flush with surface of Pin Ball. Tighten set screw firmly.
Jurgan Pin Balls® and components are machined from 316 stainless steel, Delrin® and Radel® R5000. Physician use only. Not to be implanted.
Delrin® is a registered trademark.
Radel® R5000 is a registered trademark.
Jurgan Pin Balls®, Jurgan Fixator Ball® and Jurgan Baby Pin Ball® are registered trademarks of Jurgan Development & Mfg.